Looking Over My Shoulder

Most every day my daughter has homework. The life of a six grader is complicated. On our drive home from school we have nearly the same conversation. I drop her home before heading back to work. I ask her to take our dog Lola for a walk and to do her homework before she does … Continue reading Looking Over My Shoulder

Thank You for Your Service

Today is Veterans Day. A day that we, The United States of America, have set apart to honor those who have served our country. We do so in many ways. In the past decades we would see small town parades with bands and Veterans groups marching along Main Street lined with banners along with Families. … Continue reading Thank You for Your Service

I Like it: A few Things I’ve Stumbled Across

As I trip through life, I have managed to stumble across... things, that I like. I have no other way to express it, my vocabulary is lacking. So, be it books, movies, podcasts, random items... stuff, I share with you some things that have managed to stick to me. Not everything does. There are paraphernalia … Continue reading I Like it: A few Things I’ve Stumbled Across

Martin Luther: A Biography for the People

Non-Fiction titles often have awesome subtitles.  This title, Martin Luther: A Biography for the People, could not have been better stated. It is a perfect selection of words, straight forward and to the point, an excellent description of what lies within the cover of this book. I love History. I enjoy Biography's. Especially one such … Continue reading Martin Luther: A Biography for the People

Discovering New Perspectives

I love to wander a bookstore. If I can find a local independent store when I travel for work I am there in a flash. I want to see them flourish so I always try to find something I might not otherwise have read. I want to discover a new perspective. Some of the best … Continue reading Discovering New Perspectives

Dear Fahrenheit 451 – It’s Funny.

Good golly, this one is really something. Dear Fahrenheit 451: Love and Heartbreak in the Stakes by Annie Spence came along at just the right time. I needed a good laugh and something to keep me company on my drive across state. I wasn't looking for it. It simply was an interesting sounding book with … Continue reading Dear Fahrenheit 451 – It’s Funny.