2017 – Year In Books & Books

Tis the season to make lists and lists of lists. To begin to think of the New Year. To wipe clean the slate and start new. Reading Challenges will pop up along with list like these. The books I read and loved. My Challenge this year was Growth. Among them was a Newbery Award Winner … Continue reading 2017 – Year In Books & Books

Discovering New Perspectives

I love to wander a bookstore. If I can find a local independent store when I travel for work I am there in a flash. I want to see them flourish so I always try to find something I might not otherwise have read. I want to discover a new perspective. Some of the best … Continue reading Discovering New Perspectives

Exit West

The Man Booker Short list, Kirkus Prize finalist - This is Mohsin Hamid's Exit West. It seems this novel is the talk of the town... literary world. A love story of sorts. It has been slow to get into my hands since its landing on my shelf back in March of this year. It has … Continue reading Exit West

Welcome to Fatherhood

They smelled good - most of the time -  and I was able to do things with them I could never do with a book.

Painting Dreams with Stories Told

I have to be honest. I didn't really want to do it.The activity of the day often drained my morning intentions. The activity of the day often drained my morning intentions. I don't think this is my own issue to confess. It is the same for many a father and mother. The task, as it … Continue reading Painting Dreams with Stories Told