At Home on Sunday

"They had no idea of what manner of men they were. One of them once, seeing himself in a mirror that passed on a van of household goods, had cried out - There is an ugly fellow!” (Pearl Buck, The Good Earth) Yesterday, Sunday, was a busy day in our home. It was the first … Continue reading At Home on Sunday


I am constantly reminded of my need for reminders. Is it picture day at my daughters school? There are field trips, events and concerts she is performing in... The list is long. My wife keeps a dry erase calendar to track them each month. However the beginning of each month we are slow to update … Continue reading Reminders

Discovering New Perspectives

I love to wander a bookstore. If I can find a local independent store when I travel for work I am there in a flash. I want to see them flourish so I always try to find something I might not otherwise have read. I want to discover a new perspective. Some of the best … Continue reading Discovering New Perspectives

Welcome to Fatherhood

They smelled good - most of the time -  and I was able to do things with them I could never do with a book.