I am constantly reminded of my need for reminders. Is it picture day at my daughters school? There are field trips, events and concerts she is performing in... The list is long. My wife keeps a dry erase calendar to track them each month. However the beginning of each month we are slow to update … Continue reading Reminders

Looking Over My Shoulder

Most every day my daughter has homework. The life of a six grader is complicated. On our drive home from school we have nearly the same conversation. I drop her home before heading back to work. I ask her to take our dog Lola for a walk and to do her homework before she does … Continue reading Looking Over My Shoulder

Thank You for Your Service

Today is Veterans Day. A day that we, The United States of America, have set apart to honor those who have served our country. We do so in many ways. In the past decades we would see small town parades with bands and Veterans groups marching along Main Street lined with banners along with Families. … Continue reading Thank You for Your Service