Bookish on: Since We Fell

How many time do you read a book and think? Has this been made into a film? It has occurred to me a few times and This one, Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane, seems sinec we felldestined for the big screen. I have never read a Lehane novel nor do I read a lot of the suspenseful twisty type of books. Lahane is obviously great at building characters and layered plot lines. The main Character here is Rachel Childs, a driven person raised by a single mother, one who writes a best-selling novel on marriage and relationships. They say those who can’t teach… Well, meet Rachel’s mother. The fact that her mother is obsessed with keeping people at a distance including Rachel’s biological father starts the book off with a slow boil into the mystery that our protagonist cant quite let go of.

These are the type of novels that make it difficult to not give away key points. I don’t like to do that in any way. But know that you will follow Rachel through her journey to find her father, a journey on a career that builds, relationships that have ups and downs until she seems to find the one person who gets her.

“She felt like weeping. She didn’t know why at first, but then it hit her. He knew her. He knew her, this man she’d married, this man she’d committed herself to walking through this life with. He knew her. And—wonder of wonders—he was still here.” – Dennis Lahane

The roller coaster continues and just as you come into a calm the stories rises again to a peak that leads to the biggest and fastest loop de loop you have ever been on. it is one that will keep you turning pages as you cannot believe what has happened and cant wait to figure out what will happen next. And when it does you question if it really has.

Lehane does a great job of character study and diving into what makes people tick. I loved that about the novel. The suspense was fun, but the writing was pretty darn good. I loved some of the insight,

“The only people who ask questions like ‘Did he want to be something besides a bartender?’ are people who can become whatever they want. The rest of us are just Americans.” – Dennis Lahane

The pitfalls of this book are like a lot of these types of suspense novels. You will have to suspend belief now and again. But as you get into the story, you do so willingly because darn it, it is just good fun and you’ll want to see what happens next. if you love suspense, thrillers, mystery’s – however you want to categorize it, buy it, if you just want to have a good enjoyable read, borrow it. Since We Fell does not disappoint. I will be looking for it at a theater near me, I am sure.


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