I Like it: A few Things I’ve Stumbled Across

As I trip through life, I have managed to stumble across… things, that I like. I have no other way to express it, my vocabulary is lacking. So, be it books, movies, podcasts, random items… stuff, I share with you some things that have managed to stick to me. Not everything does. There are paraphernalia that enter my orbit and quickly move back out to the universe, never to be thought of again.  Perhaps some of them will be stick worthy for you.


I am terrible at recall. I don’t write in journals enough, but I do use Book Darts. If you have never heard of them, neither had I prior to this past year. I heard about them on a podcast and looked them up and purchased a couple tins as Christmas Stocking stuffer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey ended up being put in a drawer and I rescued them. The tag line is perfect – “Hold that thought.” I began using them in my reading rather than using Highlighters, Post-its, or bookmarks or dog earing a page. I love them! I find that now I go back to books I have read and can easily find particular pieces that I thought particular amazing for one reason or another. They are so thin they do not damage or cause weight, they simply point out a spot I knew I would want to revisit. They can be reused. They are just awesome. If you’re the bookish type. These are great.


Annie Rim – Lets just say that I somehow found her blog in September and liked what I read. Then in October she started a 31 day series called Backyard Justice. I was hooked. backyardShe has a way of bringing views from everyday occurrences in her life and expanding them to a wider view-point. In reading this Series, I have found myself both challenged and inspired. So much so that when October ended and there were no posts each morning to greet me, I felt a bit of angst. I needed to hear more. To me, that is the sign of great writing. Check out the series Backyard Justice and perhaps you will agree. She also reviews books. Check her out if you enjoy faith-based and thought-provoking reading or just enjoy another point of view that is not all up in your face.

In Search of the End of the Sidewalk – Here is another Blogger I found that I instantly pinged with me. Perhaps because I have an issue. I love reading Book reviews as much as
image9-e1508752989942I enjoy reading actual books. There are many such blogs, but Michelle Ross goes about it in a unique way. Making an old format new. She Types her reviews on an actual type writer and on a library catalog card. They are little snap shot reviews that pack it all in with just a few words. I love that they give the books a different voice in the layout of type on card with whiteout and then typed over. They include a little type writer mishap and give it such character. Check out her review of Tom Hanks Book fittingly titled ‘Uncommon Type”. It’s a follow just for unique layout, though I love the voice as well.


Just the Right Book! Podcast – with Roxanne Coady. The Owner of the Independent bookstore R.J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT.
JTRBOkay so this may not be that much of a secret, but it was to me until this past month. Roxanne Coady has a voice with character and a way of interviewing that is direct and fun at the same time. I love her banter and though she is well versed, the podcast comes across as a loose conversation among friends. She says it is for “Curious people who like to read.” I say, amen. Her recent podcast with Ron Chernow and Cheryl Strayed were a joy to listen to. She talks with writers. She talks with Book Buyers from bookstores across the country. And she always asked each person, “What book changed your life?” I say tune in and find out. She also has episodes called, Tidbits! short little podcast to hold you over like appetizers at your favorite restaurant. You may find yourself Binge-Listening if you’re not careful.

That’s it for This month,

Perhaps one of these will strike your fancy. Have you found something interesting? I would love to hear about them.

– Be well

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