Just What I Needed

Needs versus wants.

I talk about them nearly every day, with my wife, my kids, in budget meetings at work. Usually it is focused on tangible things. In my life I have come to understand several things I wanted were really things to fill a need I didn’t know I held within me. At church many years ago I attended a meeting I was invited to by a dear friend. The meeting was with a group of folks who had attended a “Walk to Emmaus” retreat. I was being asked to attend a retreat. I don’t do retreats. It was not something I wanted to do. However, something inside me said I should. Life happens, they say, and I had too much going on to allow me to attend the weekend as the date approached.

Several years went by and another friend asked me as he did nearly every week at church, “How’s your heart?” I answered as you would if someone asked, ” How are you?” I replied, “Fine thanks.” But this time, that question hit me and stuck to my ribs. It wouldn’t go away. I suddenly recalled that meeting about that Walk to Emmaus. My friend who had asked previously had moved away. I actively asked and found someone who would sponsor me.

I went on my walk in South Florida. It profoundly changed my life. I felt a click in me over the weekend that I had never had prior. I felt something move inside me. I felt a warmth unknown to me.

What is the Walk to Emmaus? It is a wonderful experience that is difficult to explain. Yes, there are talks, fifteen talks on many subjects. It creates an opportunity to talk, share, discuss the topics while forging relationships with other Christian men or woman (There is a separate walk for each) However, it is best not to anticipate and just experience the weekend as it unfolds. I personally felt Christ come to me in a way I had never felt before. What it did for me was help me know that I was truly loved. It opened my eyes to all of him; Father, Son and Spirit. I impressed how important it is to have a support network to help encourage and support each other. We all need support in our walk in life.

I am mostly a solitary and quiet person. I keep things close to the vest. However what I learned that weekend was that I was meant for so much more than I knew I was by engaging others. I stay in touch with the men I went with and shared a table with. We have reunion meetings and discuss things that are kept between us. We encourage, we pray, we serve alongside Christ. I volunteered to work a weekend (A six month commitment of preparation leading to the weekend it self) I felt compelled to help others experience what I had experienced. I have become our Church’s Emmaus Coordinator with my wife.

The Walk to Emmaus was just what I needed. I just didn’t know it.

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.”

9 thoughts on “Just What I Needed

  1. Thanks for your story of needs versus wants, and how God broke through your self-imposed rules (I don’t do retreats) to show you his love and care. Inspiring!

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    1. I know right? I went in with so much fear (Please don’t ask me to interact, please, please please!) I left fired up to share and inspire others. Thanks for taking the time to read it.


  2. “How is your heart?” That is always a good question to cause us to slow down and consider what God is doing deep within. Thank you for sharing abut this experience. I had heard of the Emmaus Walk, but have not been myself. However, God has really been speaking through many different avenues that same message of being deeply and unshakably loved by Him.

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    1. Yes, He had asked me so many times before, but just then it seemed to really strike me. In hindsight it tells me that we never know what will come of seeds we drop or when they will sprout. Maybe not today, but someday. There were several who dropped seeds in me that sprouted that weekend. And many seeds that sprouted quickly during and after the weekend. Thanks for taking the time to read – Be well – Guy


  3. The journey to Emmaus shows us that through life we walk blind even though Jesus is walking with us. On the walk it’s a time for self reflection, emotional regulation and feeling the Holy Spirit move in you. I was blessed with the opportunity to take the walk and must say that the transformation God intended for my life began that weekend and the fire lite in my heart still remains years later. Praise God!

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  4. “How is your heart?” Interesting question. This is something I shall ponder.

    I’ve never been to a retreat, which may be a good thing as my physical presence has been described as having all the ambience of a football hooligan whose club has gone down to defeat – again – after a wet night out in Glasgow.


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