A few things I have stumbled across

As I trip through life, I have managed to stumble across… things, that I like. I have no other way to express it, my vocabulary is lacking. So, be it books, movies, podcasts, random items… stuff, I share with you some things that have managed to stick to me. Not everything does. There are paraphernalia that enters my orbit and quickly moves back out to the universe, never to be thought of again. Here are some of those things that have stuck. Perhaps some of them will be stick worthy for you.


agloveoftheirownThere are many books I would love to share, but I will start with just one. It is a book special to me, and great for sharing with kids, Boys or girls. This little treasure is a favorite to read to my daughter. It speaks to my love of baseball and conjures images of the pick up games I had, with my neighborhood friends, as a child of the 70’s. The illustrations are pretty great. The story is a testimony to baseball and delivers vivid imagery, but more important, it speaks to community and giving back. It is a wonderful lesson learned while being entertained. I think I may love it more than my daughter. What the authors and publishers call “Play It Forward” is part of its mission. Proceeds from sales are used to lift up community groups. I highly recommend, baseball fans or not:

A Glove of Their Own


170x170bbThere are several I could choose from, but to keep it bookish. I share a podcast that I found one day as I was searching randomly on the Podcast app on my phone.  I was on the side of the road in my car search for a podcast about books. There are so many out there, this one was so good I went back and listened from the very first Episode. That was nine months ago. I never miss a Tuesday. The podcast? It is, What Can I read Next. I have mentioned it in previous posts. This Podcast is hosted by the Author and blogger Anne Bogel. She does some “literary matchmaking” with her guest by having a conversation with them and learning about their “book life.” As you get to know these guests they share three books they love, what they are currently reading and one book they hate. After all is said and done, Anne will give them three titles to choose from and ask, what they will read next. As of today there are over 90 episodes, but one that stood out recently was:

Episode 83 – An epic birthday bookstore road trip

– In this episode her guest discusses plans to take a road trip up the west coast, visiting several bookstores along the way. Visiting Bookshops in my travels is a favorite thing to do. So, this episode really caught me dreaming. So much so, I had to listen to it again. I had started my own bookstore vacation in my head and missed much of the discussion.


six-wordThis website speaks to the (wanna be) writer in me. It is a little social and a lot of writing and sharing. Now, If you know of, or have heard of the show, Orange is the New Black, you may be aware that it is the brain child of Piper Kerman’s Memoir of the same name. I personally have never watched the show, nor read her book. However, the Larry character in the show is the real life husband of Piper and creator and publisher of the Smith Magazine Website. His premise is, every one has a story to tell. He plays on the Urban Legend of Hemingway being challenged to write a novel with just six words, the result Hemingway came up with was:

For sale, baby shoes, never worn.

Larry Smith’s website for Flash Writers has morphed into many books featuring the authors that contribute on his site. Many of these six word memoirs feature back-stories to the “flash” memoir and or images to associate with them. One of my favorite memoirist goes by the handle BanjoDan. A big percentage of his posts are about his marriage and/or wife, though most are tongue in cheek, many are very touching. This one I share gave me a chuckle and has stuck with me,

“Whispered apology while eating her plums.” Dan Campbell (Banjodan)

Smith Magazine Six-Word Memoirs

That’s it for today,

Let me know if any of these strike your fancy and please share any you have to share. I love investigating new and sometimes pretty cool, people, places or things.

– Be well

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